Whether or Not Assets and Liabilities are Marital

During an OrangeCounty divorce, often there is confusion regarding whether or not an asset or liability is considered marital.  Pursuant to Florida statutes, all assets acquired and liabilities incurred by either spouse after the date of [...]

Property Distribution in Orlando Divorce

Typically, an equitable distribution of property due to a dissolution of marriage, or divorce, occurs at the time a Final Judgment is entered.  However, there a limited number of situations in which a partial distribution of property can [...]

Rules and Procedures regarding Paternity Pleadings

The state of Florida has very specific rules and procedures that must be followed when a party brings a suit for paternity or any other family law matter.  The prevailing intent of all of these rules and procedures is the best interest of [...]

Relocation by Agreement

Under certain circumstances, parents may agree to the relocation of a child with one parent.  If both parties agree to the relocation of the child, they can present a signed, written agreement to the court.  The agreement must contain ver [...]


Regarding a request for relocation, Florida Statutes state that  a presumption in favor of or against a request to relocate with the child does not arise if a parent or other person seeks to relocate and the move will materially affect th [...]

Parenting Plans and the Best Interest of the Child

Florida statutes state that for purposes of establishing or modifying parental responsibility and creating, developing, approving , or modifying a parenting plan, including a time-sharing schedule, which governs each parent's relationship [...]

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