How Prenuptial Agreements Can Protect Your Children.

The increase in second marriages with children from a prior relationship often causes the problem of “unintentional disinheritance”. The way it works is that when one spouse dies, depending on several factors, most of the marital assets a [...]

Surprise, Surprise…Not in Orlando Divorces

One thing that many people involved in Orlando divorces may not realize is that there are no surprises allowed if your case proceeds to trial.  If you and your spouse have not been able to reach an amicable agreement, you will present you [...]

Children and Orlando Divorce

Divorcing Orlando parents have a responsibility to make the Court aware if there are minor children from their relationship.   The initial divorce pleadings must state the existence of any minor children as well as make the Court aware if [...]

Grounds for Divorce in Florida

There are only two possible grounds for divorce (or dissolution of marriage) according to Florida law.  The first ground that may be plead is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.  The second is the mental incapacity of the other par [...]

Orange County Divorce or Paternity and Service at Work

Once an Orange County divorce or paternity action has been filed and the Clerk of the Court has issued a Summons, the Summons and a copy of the Petition must be served on the opposing party.  There are times when it is necessary for someo [...]

Family Law Summons

Once a family law paternity or divorce action has been filed with the appropriate court, the clerk of court will issue a document called a Summons which must be served on the opposing party along with the Petition.  The Summons will infor [...]

Divorce and Selling the Marital Home

When couples who own a home decide to divorce, a decision regarding selling the marital home must be made.  Many factors will come into play when making this decision.  Your experienced Orlando family law divorce attorney will discuss wit [...]

Residency Requirements for Florida Divorces

Florida statutes are clear in that, in order to file for divorce in the state of Florida, one of the parties to the marriage must have resided in the state for at least 6 months before the filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriag [...]

Orlando Child Support Orders

Per Florida statutes, all Orlando child support orders and income withholding orders must include the amount of the monthly child support obligation for all minor children at the time of the order and the amount of child support that will [...]




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