The income of each party can be a critical factory in Orange County divorce and child support cases.  When one of the parties is believed to be underemployed or voluntarily unemployed, a Court may impute income to that party.  In other words, in the computation of child support, the underemployed or unemployed party may have an amount of income that the party is not actually earning attributed to them.  That can make a significant impact on the amount of child support the payable between the parties.

If you believe your spouse or the other parent of your child is underemployed or voluntarily unemployed, consult with your experienced Orange County divorce or child support lawyer.  You will have the burden to prove this claim to the Court in order for an imputed income to be considered.  Your child support or divorce attorney will be able to help you understand the process for proving this claim and determining the amount of income that may be imputed.

Be certain that your child support is being calculated fairly and accurately.  Representation by a qualified Orlando child support or divorce lawyer is always your best course of action.  To schedule a consultation with Attorney Wade P. Luther, contact Family Law of Orlando by email or by calling (407) 835-9900 to schedule an initial consultation.