Any retirement plan owned by either party in a Florida divorce should be disclosed to your experienced Orange County divorce attorney during the initial consultation.  Retirement and pension plan benefits are considered a marital asset.  As such any retirement will be considered when equitably distributing the parties’ assets and liabilities.

Retirement plans may be valued at their present value as of the date of distribution or by determining the value as of the employee-spouse’s date of retirement in cases where the distribution will not be until the employee-spouse retires.  The retirement may also be divided equally or by a percentage.

Valuing retirement plans is a complicated issue that can have a significant effect on your financial future. If you are in need of a knowledgeable Orlando divorce attorney to advise you regarding retirement or any other issue, contact Family Law of Orlando to schedule and initial consultation with Attorney Wade P. Luther.  You can contact Family Law of Orlando by email or by calling (407) 835-9900.