When determining equitable distribution of assets and liabilities in an Orlando divorce, an equalizing payment may be agreed upon or ordered.  This monetary payment may be made in a lump sum or installments paid over a fixed period of time.  A marital settlement agreement reached by the parties which includes an equalizing payment from one party to the other may also contain language stating that the validity and enforceability of the entire agreement is contingent upon the payment being made.  If an equalizing payment to be paid in installments is agreed upon or ordered by the court, the payments are considered a debt that, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties, shall not terminate upon the remarriage or death of either party.

Equitable distribution can be complicated, particularly if the parties have a substantial amount of assets or liabilities.  There are many issues that must be considered regarding equitable distribution during an Orlando divorce.  It is crucial that you discuss all of financial issues with your attorney as early as possible.  An experience Orange County divorce lawyer will advise you regarding the best way to protect your self financially now and in the future.

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