Orange County Divorce and Unequal Distribution of Property

..Orange County Divorce and Unequal Distribution of Property

When property is divided during an Orange County divorce, Florida statutes require the Court to presume an equal distribution of the parties’ assets and liabilities.  However, the statutes also outline factors for the Court to consider when one party pleads for an unequal distribution.  These factors include each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, including contribution to the care and education of the children and either parent’s services as a homemaker; the economic circumstances of the parties; the duration of the marriage; the contribution of a spouse to the career or education of the other spouse as well as any interruption of one spouse’s career or education; the desirability of retaining any asset, such as a business, free from claim by the other party; the contribution of each party to the income, assets or liabilities of the parties; the desirability of retaining the marital home; any intentional depletion of marital assets.

If you are involved in a Central Florida divorce and believe that you may be entitled to an unequal distribution of property, you should discuss this with your qualified family practice divorce attorney during the initial consultation.  The more information you provide at the beginning of your case, the better your divorce lawyer will be able to protect your financial future.  If you have not retained an Orlando divorce attorney, contact Family Law of Orlando to schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Wade P. Luther.  Our offices are conveniently located in Baldwin Park, just minutes from downtown Orlando.  Please contact us by email or by calling (407) 835-9900.