A marital home owned prior to the marriage of the parties involved in an Orlando divorce may be considered a marital asset.  Per Florida statutes, all real property held by the parties as tenants by the entireties, whether acquired prior to or during the marriage, shall be presumed to be a marital asset. If, in any case, a party makes a claim to the contrary, the burden of proof shall be on the party asserting the claim that the subject property, or some portion thereof, is nonmarital.

Make sure you discuss any property you feel may be nonmarital with your Orlando divorce attorney.  The correct distribution of assets is a crucial factor in protecting your financial future.  This is particularly true of assets that may be of substantial value, such as a home.  If you have not made the important decision to hire a qualified Orlando divorce attorney to represent your interests in your OrangeCounty divorce, contact Family Law of Orlando to schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Wade P. Luther.  Family Law of Orlando can be reached by email or by calling (407) 835-9900.